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Information for Pet Owners

WVS and your local vet

Caring for a sick or injured pet can be challenging and stressful. Having to make decisions regarding your companion’s treatment can be difficult, particularly when you are presented with multiple options including referral to an external, potentially distant, unfamiliar hospital.

WVS aims to provide a convenient, compassionate and high standard surgical service to you and your pet within the familiar setting of your local hospital. By travelling to your local hospital, WVS provides the surgical care and recovery plan your pet requires without the uncertainties involved in transporting them to another facility in an unstable or incompletely managed state. In addition, your local vet remains involved in every step of the treatment process, maintaining continuity of care and avoiding potentially confusing changes to treatment plans that can occur when a patient is cared for by multiple hospitals.

WVS consultation

Prior to your pre-operative consultation with Dr Dan Wills, your vet will have discussed your pet’s injury or disease with WVS and provided a copy of their recent medical record and diagnostic results (e.g. blood tests, radiographs). Based on this information and discussion with WVS, your vet has recommended surgery and your pet’s procedure has been scheduled to proceed immediately following consultation with Dan. You will have been provided with an estimate of costs for the scheduled procedure and expected post-operative treatments.

During the consultation, Dan will discuss your pet’s history with you, and perform a physical examination to complement the previous findings. The surgical procedure, aims, expected outcomes, potential complications, immediate post-operative care and longer-term recovery plans will be discussed, at which time you will have the opportunity to ask any questions or clarify any uncertainties you may have.

Should your consultation with Dan bring to light additional information that necessitates an alternative course of treatment, a surgical consult fee will be charged instead of the previously estimated procedure fee.

Following your pet’s surgery, Dan will contact you via telephone to advise you of the outcome of surgery and update you on their recovery. You will also be provided with a comprehensive recovery plan to assist you in caring for your pet and help them achieve the expected outcome.

Post-operative care

Post-operative care will primarily be managed by your vet. WVS will review any images taken (e.g. photos or radiographs) during this period and provide complimentary interpretation to your vet to assist in their management of the case. Should any concerns arise that necessitate a WVS recheck consultation, this is available for a modest fee. In the unlikely event that a complication requiring further surgical intervention arises, the recheck fee will be waived, however, additional procedural fees will apply on a case-by-case basis.

Expected post-operative recheck consultations with your local vet include:

  • 3-4 days post-operatively to assess patient comfort/pain relief, early surgical incision health and any concerns you may have in the early recovery period.
  • 2 weeks post-operatively, at which time skin sutures or staples are removed and medications are reviewed.
  • 8 weeks - for orthopaedic cases, this recheck will generally involve repeat radiographs (under sedation or general anaesthetic) to assess healing prior to gradual return to normal activities.

Preparation for your pet’s procedure

Unless advised otherwise by your vet, food should be withheld for at least 8-12 hours prior to surgery (animals younger than 12 months should be fasted for no longer than 4-6 hours). Water should continue to be provided.

If your pet is scheduled for an elective procedure, they should be bathed in regular or medicated shampoo 2-3 days prior to their surgery. If this is not possible due to risk of injury, do not persevere.

Recovery care considerations

Following orthopaedic surgery, your pet will require strict confinement, generally for a period of 8 weeks. This means they must not run, jump, navigate stairs, play with other dogs or exercise uncontrollably or off-leash. They should be housed in an area with non-slip bedding and floor surfacing.

A great solution is to house your pet in a crate, large enough to allow unimpeded standing and turning around but prevent the above mentioned activities, for the required period of rest. Many pets will tolerate and even enjoy crate housing, provided they are either given time to acclimatise or provided with ample environmental enrichment, such as play/chew toys, food treats or pats/verbal rewards once crated. A play-pen or portable barricade may not provide sufficient confinement, as it may not prevent jumping or may even present an opportunity for your pet to become entrapped, with undesirable consequences.

Should you require assistance in choosing a suitable crate or have any questions regarding confinement in the recovery period, please do not hesitate to discuss these with your vet prior to the date of surgery or WVS during the pre-operative consultation.


  • No surgical procedure, even if elective or “routine”, is without some degree of risk. Although generally unlikely, complications can be quite distressing to both the patient, their owners and the vet providing treatment.
  • For the animal, at the very least, complication results in further discomfort and a delay in recovery and at the very worst can be catastrophic - requiring amputation of a limb or even euthanasia on the basis of poor quality of life.
  • Complications that require further treatment require additional time and resources to reach a satisfactory outcome. It is important to note that the occurrence of a complication does not necessarily indicate fault on anyone’s part, and hence generally any further necessary treatment will involve further costs to the owner.
  • Every effort is taken to reduce the incidence of known complications, however, it is not possible to predict which cases will encounter issues and which will not. Should a complication occur during or subsequent to your pet’s procedure, we will work with you to resolve it.

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