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Information for Vets - Work with WVS

How to schedule surgery with WVS

  • You diagnose a condition that requires surgical management. You have discussed treatment options, including referral to a specialist if required, and the client is interested in surgical treatment options with WVS.
  • Contact WVS. This allows us to better understand the patient’s condition and treatment options, helping everyone, including the client, form clear expectations regarding the intended treatment, estimate of costs, and schedule.
  • Certain procedures require specific radiographic views or other diagnostic tests which can be discussed at this time.
  • Pertinent history and results of any diagnostics undertaken during initial management should be emailed to dan@willsvets.com.au - please include original radiographs (not photos of the computer screen please) as JPEG/DICOM
  • Confirm the schedule with the client and provide them with an estimate of costs.


  • WVS will conduct a complimentary pre-operative consultation with each client prior to surgery for every case: preferably in person, or by telephone if they are unavailable to attend at a suitable time. This consultation is complimentary when the surgical procedure is scheduled immediately following, if however following consultation the decision is made not to proceed to surgery, a surgical consultation fee will apply (in addition to the applicable travel fee).
  • Surgical consultations for particularly difficult cases are also available prior to scheduling surgery, to assist clients in their decision making process.
  • Vet-to-vet phone consultation regarding any case is complimentary. Please do not hesitate to contact WVS should you have any questions or would like to seek an opinion on a surgical case. Photos and radiographs greatly assist in discussion - please email original radiographs (not photos of the computer screen please) as JPEG/DICOM to dan@willsvets.com.au

Surgical equipment/instrumentation

  • WVS will provide all surgical instrumentation, surgical implants, surgeon’s theatre attire and surgical drapes.
  • A vet or nurse from your clinic will be required during and following procedures to assist in monitoring the patient’s anaesthetic and recovery.
  • Your vets are welcome to scrub-in on any procedure if they wish.
  • Your clinic provides the operating theatre and all other equipment/consumables/medications required to facilitate the procedure, including: anaesthesia, surgical preparations for the patient, radiography, intravenous fluid therapy, continuous rate infusions, prophylactic antibiotics, analgesia (including schedule 8 drugs), swaged on sterile suture, bandaging materials, miscellaneous consumables (swabs/needle/syringe/flush etc) post-operative medication and hospitalisation.
  • Your clinic provides 24 hour emergency care, or facilitates transfer to a 24 hour emergency care facility for overnight hospitalisation if required.

Pre-operative care

  • For elective/semi-elective procedures, the patient should be in otherwise good health.
  • A pre-anaesthetic blood screen should be performed for all cases. If a full panel is not available, a PCV/TP should be performed as a minimum. A full pre-anaesthetic screen is required for all geriatric patients (>7 years of age).

Post-operative care

  • Immediate post-operative care of the patient will be primarily managed by your clinic. WVS will conduct a post-operative telephone consultation with the client during patient recovery in order to communicate outcomes and post-operative plan. Your clinic provides 24 hour emergency care, or facilitates transfer to a 24 hour emergency care facility if required.
  • Historical records will be provided in a timely fashion.
  • Post-operative care and rehabilitation instructions/handouts will be provided.
  • Please email post-operative radiographs jpeg/DICOM images to dan@willsvets.com.au

Follow-up care

  • Follow-up care of the patient will be primarily managed by your clinic.
  • Telephone consultations post-operatively are complimentary.
  • Should a physical consultation with WVS be required, a recheck consultation is available. Should complications arise that require further surgical intervention, the recheck fee will be waived, however, additional procedural fees will apply on a case-by-case basis.
  • Follow-up radiographs for orthopaedic cases are required (unless otherwise specified) at 8 weeks post-operatively, then every 4 weeks until healing is achieved. Interpretation is complimentary. Please email jpeg/DICOM images to dan@willsvets.com.au


  • No surgical procedure, even if elective or “routine”, is without some degree of risk. Although generally unlikely, complications can be quite distressing to both the patient, their owners and the vet providing treatment.
  • For the animal, at the very least, complication results in further discomfort and a delay in recovery and at the very worst can be catastrophic - requiring amputation of a limb or even euthanasia on the basis of poor quality of life.
  • Complications that require further treatment require additional time and resources to reach a satisfactory outcome. It is important to note that the occurrence of a complication does not necessarily indicate fault on anyone’s part, and hence generally any further necessary treatment will involve further costs to the owner.
  • Every effort is taken to reduce the incidence of known complications, however, it is not possible to predict which cases will encounter issues and which will not. Should a complication occur during or subsequent to your pet’s procedure, we will work with you to resolve it.


  • WVS will provide an invoice to your practice following the procedure. Payment is due within 14 days of issue. Fees to the client are determined by your clinic and the client pays all fees directly to you as per your clinic protocol.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information.

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